Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Free 50" TV and I'm Immune to Anthrax?? Sign Me Up!

I went in for my last visit today for a medical study I have been in for the past 4 months. The study was for an anthrax vaccine.

There has been an anthrax vaccine in use for many years but they added an adjuvant to it to see if it would kick the bodies immune response into high gear upon being exposed to anthrax. This study was ordered to be done by the federal government to find a vaccine that can be given after exposure and still save the person, rather than given to many people before exposure. (It would save the government a lot of money, and make the world that much of a safer place). I may or may not be vaccinated against anthrax right now, it's a double blind placebo study, so I can't know until the study is completely over. For the study I had to receive 2 injections of the "anthrax vaccine" about 2 weeks apart, and go in about 14 other times to have a lot of blood drawn.

This is me getting my blood drawn today for the last time

I had my vitals checked at each visit, and there have been no adverse effects at all. For participating in the study, I was given this:

A 50" Samsung 1080p flat screen TV (and the sound system you see with it)

Actually, they gave me about $900 dollars that I could do whatever I want with, and this is what I chose to buy with it. Christine and I have wanted a new TV for a while and we didn't want to use our savings for it, so this was the perfect opportunity. We love it so much, we hook my laptop up to the TV and watch netflix (24 mostly right now) with the sound system blasting at us. It. Is. Awesome!

Sign me up for another study!


Camille said...

sweet TV Dev. I had a fun ridealong with Reno Fire this past weekend...I'll have to post about it...I'm in the E.R. this weekend. :) Fun stuff.

Brigham, Kari, Lydia & Ammon said...

invite us over!

Elise said...

Nice, I love it Dev! it reminds me of my bone marrow donation days in the Cleve...good times!

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