Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 5 Kinds of Nurses

In my experience so far, I have found that there are about 5 kinds of nurses. Some are great, and some are difficult to deal with. Here they are:

1. The Stud
You could go hang out with him after being discharged. Your personalities click perfectly and you feel like he's your best friend.

2. The wannabe
He just can't handle seeing all the doctor's walking around him all day wearing their lab coats, so he wears one too.

3. The Foreigner

You can't understand a single word coming out of their mouth if your life depended on it. Unfortunately..... your life may depend on it. Better ask for a translator.

4. The Holier Than Thou

The entire hospital orbits around them. Most likely because everyone is staying away from them.

5. The Grandma
She might only be 3 years older than you but she speaks to you like you are her grandchild with lots of "sweetie's" "hun's" and "dear's".

These are just some of the funny yet true personalities of nurses that I have noticed while working in a hospital. Stay tuned!

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