Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Happy Place...

This past Wednesday night, my friend Nate and I went to watch the former BYU baskeball All-Star Jimmer Fredette All-Star game.  There were 20 newly drafted NBA players all having a scrimmage against each other.  It was probably the most talented group of players to ever play on the Marriot Center baskeball court.  It was full of lots of dunks, and very little defense being played.  It was awesome!  

Then, on Friday night, my wife and I went to watch the BYU football team play against Central Florida with my friend Clint.  They had just come off a tough loss to utah the week before, but they were able to beat Central Florida, and it was a great Friday night!

Awesome seeing "Jimmer" as one of the teams!

Jimmer's brother TJ rapping during half-time

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